With many new tools today, it’s now very easy to update and maintain your own website. WordPress is a popular, powerful, and user-friendly blog tool that allows you to maintain your own blog and even a webstore. I am happy that today I can design a customized wordpress-based site and give the client minor training on how to easily update and maintain their own site. I also offer website maintenance service for a monthly fee if a client prefers not to handle website tasks.

Below are web services I offer:

Responsive mobile and desktop-friendly web designs
E-commerce web stores
Minor content write-up (client gives me the bullet points, I fill in the rest)
Custom graphics and icons
UI Design and Information hierarchy organization
Product listing

Tips for helping a web project move along quickly and efficiently:

Have a theme preference in mind
Have images and text ready
Show a few samples of sites you like
Have payment ready for domain and hosting service


Springfield Fire Department  |  Engine 44

WordPress-based, responsive webstore custom made for Pennsylvania’s
Springfield Fire Department

Key customizations: Designed layout, header, banner, art placement on each merchandise.